Database Administration

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Database Administration

The security of IT infrastructures and these databases is a critical function for enterprises. We help create, maintain and professionally secure data through the use of these databases. Popular databases such as Oracle, IBM Db2, and Microsoft SQL Servers offer a wide range of security and flexibility for businesses of all sizes. Implementation of data storers like Salesforce also have DBMS capability.

The services we provide within the scope of database administration cover a wide area from critical technical services to integrated management services. With our expert and certified personnel in the field, technical support and maintenance services are provided for all needs of information technologies by enabling businesses to focus on their core business while we manage the administration.

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We offer scalable services for these applications and performance that companies need, from simple to critical workloads. The size of data in the corporate market is increasing exponentially every day with the growth of networks. Network management becomes more difficult and daily operating costs are increasing. In all networks, it is inevitable to use database software for regular monitoring, reporting, detection of security vulnerabilities and continuous growth within the marketplace.

Our Tech includes: MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, GraphQL, Realm.