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Web Applications

Do you have a vision or an idea of an application that you want to bring to market? If yes, at AugMatrix, we can make that happen through customized development. We will first understand your concept and then help lay out the requirements to build you the exact online solution that you have envisioned.

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Web apps have limitless application. We have served a variety of industries, all of which now use web applications. Manufacturers, FinTech (like Banks, Stock Traders, Insurance, Forex, Crypto), Hotels & Hospitality, Law Firms, IoT, Agriculture, Real Estate, Sports, Gaming, Web2/Web3, Physicians, Spas, Medical Centers, Advertisers, Dry Cleaners, Wedding Vendors, Headhunters, Aerospace, and Merchant Processors.

Here are some web application ideas: E-commerce solutions (like Amazon), Shopping cart development, M-commerce (Mobile commerce apps), Hotel booking systems, Online Forms, Social Media Platforms (like Facebook), Video/Content Platforms (like YouTube), Custom Solutions (insert your idea!).

With our experience and knowledge of many different tech stacks and frameworks, our team can help you build your dream application. Let’s talk custom!

Our Tech includes: JavaScript, Typescript, Java, PHP, Python, Rust, Ruby on Rails, Go, C#, and Solidity

Front-End Development: React/Redux/Mobx, Vue/Vuex/Vuetify, Angular (2, 4, 5, 8,…), CSS, LESS, SCSS, SASS, TailwindCSS, Bootstrap, Material-UI, Ant design, Element UI, Grommet UI, Semantic UI, Chakra UI

Back-End Development: Node (Express.js, Koa.js, Meteor.js, Socket.IO, Nest.js, Sails.js, Total.js, Hapi.js, Feather.js, Loopback.js…), Java (Spring Boot, Blade, Dropwizard, Hibernate…), PHP (Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Zend framework, Yii, CakePHP…), Python (Django, Flask, Web2Py, Bottle, CherryPy), Golang, Ruby on Rails, C# (ASP.NET, .NET core)